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Pros Cons
Stable and can be rocked nicely Not very easy to transport
Mosquito net Brakes suddenly close by themselves
Blanket can be easily clamped in between Arrived with fabric already mounted and a little stained
Large and solid Wobbly despite correct assembly
4 wheels are much more indispensable Steering is hesitant and jerky when transporting through the apartment
Quick and easy to set up Too big, feet do not retract because there is a spring inside
Adjustable height
Covers can be removed and washed

chicco baby coccola

Are you a parent seeking the ultimate solution to simplify and elevate your baby’s bath time? Look no further, because I’m thrilled to introduce you to the Chicco Baby Coccola – the game-changer you’ve been waiting for!

Discover the Chicco Baby Coccola Advantage:

Unlock Effortless Baby Bathing: Tired of the hassle of full baths? With Chicco Baby Coccola, you can provide your baby with a quick refresh without the fuss of a complete bath. It’s the ultimate time-saver for busy parents who want the best for their little ones.

Precise Cleaning, Right in Your Sink: Say goodbye to back pain and awkward bending. Chicco Baby Coccola lets you wash your baby directly in the sink, maintaining proper posture while ensuring a thorough and comfortable clean.

Universal Fit for Your Convenience: Don’t worry about sink compatibility. Chicco Baby Coccola is designed with suction cups that fit securely in all common types of sinks, making it a versatile choice for every parent.

Compact and Space-Saving: We understand the value of space in your home. Chicco Baby Coccola is designed to be compact and not bulky, allowing for convenient storage and handling. Plus, it comes with a practical hook for easy storage, so you can keep it ready for use without taking up valuable space.

But that’s not all! Chicco Baby Coccola offers even more benefits:

  • Suitable for babies from 0 – 6 months (max. weight of 9kg).
  • Made in Italy, ensuring quality and craftsmanship.
  • Hygienic design respects the correct intimate hygiene routine.
  • Comfortable for your baby and you, thanks to its ergonomic design.
  • Do not use if the depth of the washbasin is greater than 18cm or less than 10cm.

What Our Customers Are Saying:

Here’s what parents have to say about Chicco Baby Coccola:

  • “A game-changer for busy parents!” – Anonymous (5.0 stars)
  • “Makes baby bathing a breeze.” – Anonymous (5.0 stars)
  • “Highly recommended for ease of use.” – Anonymous (5.0 stars)
  • “Not suitable for babies above 6 months.” – Anonymous (3.0 stars)
  • “Size not suitable for certain age ranges.” – Anonymous (3.0 stars)
  • “Not comfortable for babies; not very useful.” – Anonymous (1.0 stars)

Order Your Chicco Baby Coccola Today!

The Chicco Baby Coccola is the answer to every parent’s bath time prayers. Say goodbye to the inconvenience of traditional baby baths and experience a new level of comfort and ease.

Step Instructions for Fitting Suction Cups
1 Position BabyCoccola on a stable surface with the holes of the suction cups pointing upwards.
2 Firmly grip one suction cup at a time, ensuring that the concave part of the cup adheres to it.
3 Lightly lubricate the head of the suction cup with children’s wipes, cream, or baby oil, then insert the suction cup in the hole, always turning the suction cup IN THE SAME DIRECTION, as if it had to be screwed in.
4 Check that the suction cups are properly fitted BEFORE EVERY USE. If the suction cup is correctly fitted, the thinner part of the suction cup (neck) is not visible after it has been fitted.
Step Instructions for Using BabyCoccola
1 Position BabyCoccola in a dry washbasin with the two protruding parts pointing towards the taps and the suction cups in contact with the inside of the washbasin. Ensure the entire area flanked by the oval edge, containing the wording BabyCoccola, at the bottom of the product, MUST remain completely inside the washbasin.
2 Push down on the two holes of BabyCoccola, which correspond with the suction cups, to ensure that they adhere firmly to the washbasin. Check that BabyCoccola is firmly fixed to the washbasin and that it cannot turn over.
3 Adjust the temperature of the tap water to around 37°C.
4 Carefully place your child on BabyCoccola in the supine position (on their back with their tummy facing the ceiling). Their bottom should stick out slightly from the lower part of BabyCoccola.


Feature Description
Functionality Provides a quick refresh for your baby without a full bath
Areas Covered Sederino, manine, and visine (but not a full-body wash)
Ergonomics Maintains proper posture and helps avoid back pain when cleaning in the sink
Compatibility Fits in all common types of sinks thanks to suction cups
Portability Includes a practical hook for easy storage and use, minimizing space requirements
Size Compact and not bulky for convenient storage and handling


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